Here are some frequently asked questions

What is the maximum material size the scanner can capture?

Approximately 645mm(18”) x 645mm(18”)  x 305mm(12”) 

What is the maximum size work envelope 5-Axis can machine?

Ø650mm (25.6") table, Travel – X: 734mm (28.9”), Y: 650mm (25.6”), Z:558mm (22.0”)

How does Integrity Tool handle deliveries and pickups?

Local deliveries are handled internally with our sprinter van.  LTL shipments are contracted with regional carriers. 

What is the maximum size work envelope 3-Axis can machine?

Travel on our largest CNC mill – X:1625mm (64”), Y:863mm (34”), Z:736mm (29”)

What are your design, engineering, and automation capabilities/typical project size?

One to Two Workstation Assembly and/or Check Station, from concept to commissioning and everything in between.

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